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Myrtle Boston Terrier - Douglas

Myrtle Boston Terrier - Douglas


  • $ 2000

Myrtle the plush Boston Terrier is an adorably pudgy puppy who loves snacks and cuddling! Her elegant black and white coat features realistic patterning true to the Boston Terrier breed. It has been crafted with high quality plush materials to give Myrtle a sleek lifelike appearance and to ensure the best when it comes to cuddly hugs. Myrtle’s perky ears and large brown eyes give her a whimsical expression that’s hard to resist. From her sculpted nose to her little black tail, this stuffed animal has all the personality and charisma of a blue ribbon winner. With her alert, stand up pose, Myrtle the plush Boston Terrier is ready to join you on whatever adventure you have in store for her!

9 x 9 x 4"

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