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Beaufort Bonnet in Nantucket Navy - The Beaufort Bonnet Company

The Beaufort Bonnet Company

  • $ 5299

Adorned in our Nantucket Navy Beaufort Bonnet, your little girl will be ready for any occasion--whether it's fall or spring! With it's button detailing and scallops, The Beaufort Bonnet is sure to draw out those "oohs" and "ahs" from all your family and friends! 

The Beaufort Bonnet is the perfect equation of sweet + practical. Though it will take your little girl's outfit to a whole new level of cute, it will also provide great sun coverage for those little cheeks you love so much! 

TBBC has an affinity for classic style. This product is only available in our retail store. Please call us at (205) 677-2225 or email us at to order


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