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Chocolate/Tan Bailey Boot - Mooshu Trainers

Mooshu Trainers

  • $ 1720
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Let’s embrace the cooler weather with this hip little ankle boot. Your little one will be the talk of the playground! These boots offer comfort, fun and a side of adventure. Let’s go play outside!

Bailey Boys Boot Details:

  • Chocolate/Tan faux suede
  • Whole sizes in 3-9
  • Gore laces
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Zipper closure for easy on and off
  • Breathable pigskin lining
  • Removable squeaker

All shoes include 1 pair of squeakers inserted in the heel, along with a pair of non-squeakers for “Quiet Time”.  Simply pull out the squeaker in the heel- the squeaker is intentionally snug so it may take some effort to remove. Insert the “non-squeaker” into the hole in the heel. 

Our shoes are designed to promote a proper heel to toe alignment and gait as your toddler learns to walk, run, dance, skip and play. Proper fit is important. Please use our sizing guide below. If you have any questions, contact our store via phone or email & we will help you ensure the right fit for your child.

Let's start with the right foot. Have your child stand on a piece of blank paper on a flat surface.

Place a mark at the tip of the big toe and a line at the back center of the heel. Have your child take a break, Label this sheet of paper RIGHT FOOT.

Measure from the center of the mark for the back of the heel to the center of the mark for the big toe. Write down this measurement.

Repeat steps one through three using the left foot.

Refer to your measurements as your review the chart below. Remember that each foot may be different.



   Inches  US
   4.70 in  size 3
   5.00 in  size 4
   5.25 in  size 5
   5.50 in  size 6
   5.75 in  size 7
   6.00 in  size 8
   6.25 in  size 9

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