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Pandas on Grey Kangaroo Romper - Feather Baby

Pandas on Grey Kangaroo Romper - Feather Baby

Feather Baby

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Fact: the world would be a better place if everyone hugged a panda. And, since there aren’t enough pandas for every person, opt to snuggle with a child in our panda print. Each garment is covered with happy panda faces to spread smiles to wherever they travel.

With comfort and convenience in mind, Sude and team designed the short-sleeved Kangaroo Romper, a signature Feather Baby piece.  With a lap-sleeve collar and snaps along the inseam, it’s easy for moms on the go.  Let your little one gather acorns and leaves with the ‘kangaroo’ pocket in front -- meant for indoor or outdoor play!  Made in Peru with a medium weight interlock weave and 100% Pima cotton.

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